Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dynamic 1500 vs Lifesmart Infrared Heater Review

dynamic 1500 infrared heater
Dynamic 1500 Infrared Heater
The Dynamic 1500 Infrared Heater offers consumers another choice in the reasonably priced segment of the infrared space heater market.

The Dynamic 1500 is marketed by Source Network Sales and Marketing of Plano, Texas; the same company that brought you the Lifesmart heater.

But there are differences between the Lifesmart and Dynamic heaters worth noting such as price, styling, and technology.

Priced at $135, the Dynamic 1500 is minimally more expensive than the Lifesmart ($129).

However, the cabinet design and inner workings of the Dynamic 1500 are distinctly different.

Cabinet Design: You can quickly see how the cabinetry differs by comparing the Lifesmart image in the previous post with the Dynamic heater pictured above. For what it's worth, I think the woodworking detail of the Dynamic heater makes it appear more furniture-like than the unadorned Lifesmart.

Quartz Elements and Heat Exchangers: In this area, the Lifesmart heating technology is superior to that of the Dynamic 1500 in two ways. First, the Lifesmart employs 6 heating tubes compared to 4 used in the Dynamic 1500. Second, the Lifesmart has a network of 3 copper heat exchangers encircling the quartz heating tubes plus a flat copper plate exchanger where the air is discharged while the Dynamic is equipped with only a flat copper plate exchanger where the air exits.

Air Flow Distribution: The Dynamic and Lifesmart employ virtually the same air flow technology. A cross flow fan pushes air over the infrared quartz bulbs. (Cross flow fans create a wide flow of air using a cylindrical-shaped impeller). Room air is drawn into the heater, flows along the circumference of the chamber and over the quartz bulbs, and then is blown out laterally (cross-wise) into the room creating a uniform flow of warm air.

In addition to the air distribution system, other features shared by the two heaters include washable air filter, casters, LED display, push button digital thermostat and timer, remote control, and one year warranty.

Consumer Feedback: As I write this review there is no feedback available for the Dynamic 1500 since it is new to the market. The Lifesmart, on the other hand, has an established track record and consumer feed back can be perused at any number of online shopping sites.

Is There a Clear Winner? Yes. If you're intrigued by the technical aspects of a heating system you would probably choose the Lifesmart. If appearance is a major concern the most likely choice is the Dynamic 1500 infrared heatrer. How's that for clarity?

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